We help executors and trustees settle messy estates.


We help clients settle estates and trusts. This means identifying assets, transferring them and paying expenses. Sometimes it also means resolving disputes. Sometimes we represent estate beneficiaries when a personal representative or trustee is not following the law.

Our Process

Administering an estate or trust is an iterative process between client and attorney. It begins with identifying common goals, desired results and budget. We carefully review the will or trust, and any amendments. The discussion then moves to the assets that will be transferred, how they will be transferred, and to whom. We also consider family dynamics which affect everything. We know the ins-and-outs of the process and chances are we've seen the problem before and know how to solve it.


Introduction to Farr Law Group

Time is precious for both client and attorney. This introduction helps new clients —especially those who have never hired an attorney before—understand how we work and what you can expect.


Getting Started – Introduction to probates

Learn more about what is involved to administer an estate.


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