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Farr Law Group attorneys are well-versed in Washington’s Trust and Estates Dispute Resolution Act, or TEDRA. We have successfully represented personal representatives, trustees, estate beneficiaries and creditors in high stakes probates, will contests, undue influence and testamentary capacity challenges.

Our Process

We will learn your facts, review your documents and offer an opinion about possible outcomes – and possible costs. We will help you see the playing field and develop an overall litigation strategy that is informed by our extensive experience as trial lawyers and estate lawyers. This includes analysis of settlement scenarios and risk, possibility of an early victory in motions practice, discovery and timing; expert witnesses, and admissibility of evidence—all designed to achieve maximum results for clients.

Litigation can be lengthy and expensive—If worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Representative Cases

  • Sullivan v. Sullivan et. ux, Pierce County Superior Court (recovered funds from overreaching family members who claimed loans were gifts).
  • CitiMortgage, N.A. v. Estate of Geddes, United States District Court (W.D. Wa.) (won summary judgment for heirs against title company seeking to recover debt secured by a decedent’s life estate).
  • Augerson v. Random et. ux, King County Superior Court (defended payable-on-death beneficiary against undue influence and capacity challenges from an estate).
  • White v. Deconinck-Smith, King County Superior Court (defended personal representative against will challenge brought by surviving spouse).
  • Gilbert et al v. Alta Crystal Resort, LLC, King County Superior Court (won summary judgment against hotel purchasers’ breach of contract and misrepresentation claims).

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