Precision in every estate plan.


Our approach to estate planning is client-focused. We make sure each estate planning document meets our client’s personal goals and will achieve their results, always with precision and simplicity.

Our Process

We take care to learn about the size and nature of your estate and your family dynamics. We will discuss details about your children (their names, marital status, children they have, whether they are financially independent), and any special concerns you have about them. We will help you choose the best person to act as your agent in your powers of attorney, and as the executor of your estate.


Getting Started

Learn more about what is involved in planning or updating your estate.


Your Estate Planning Appointment

What to bring and what to think about prior to your estate planning appointment.


Clients should review their estate plan every five years or at the time any significant events—like a birth, death or marriage.

Bring yourself, and any estate planning documents you currently have; a list of your assets, where they are located, and their current approximate value; a list of sources and monthly value of your current income; and begin thinking of whom you will choose as your attorney-in-fact, and executor.

Typically it takes about two to four weeks from initial meeting to completion.

This depends on the size of your estate, and the level of complexity necessary to meet your goals and protect your family. Our attorneys will be able to give you a price at the time of your first appointment after discussing your entire estate.

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