A good estate plan is worth its weight in gold.


Ashley has been in the legal industry for seven years. She earned her Associates Degree in business from Green River College shortly after graduating high school. Ashley has worked in different practice areas including foreclosure, personal injury, family law, and employment and discrimination law. Upon joining Farr Law Group Ashley quickly picked up estate planning and prefers our practice area above all the others she has worked in. She intends to pursue further education in the legal field. Ashley works as Megan’s paralegal focusing primarily on estate planning.


Associates Degree – Green River College
National Business Institute – Estate Administration (CLE)

Q & A

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In high school, I took wood-shop and quickly took a liking to the craft. After several years of establishing my career and traveling, I recently began woodworking again! I have done several projects for my home and eventually began doing custom orders for my friends and family.

What is something you would want your clients to know?

When you hire Farr Law Group to assist you with your legal matter, you are hiring a full legal team of like-minded staff. The attorneys work along closely with the paralegals and support staff to ensure that your matter is being handled to the fullest extent! Given this, the Paralegal working directly with your attorney is kept in the loop on your matter and can answer most questions that you may have, however, paralegals are unable to offer any legal advice. This does not mean that your paralegal is any less knowledgeable, but simply that there are ethical standards your legal team must follow.

Why did you want to join the legal field?

I have seen legal cases go smoothly, and I have also seen them adversely. I knew that what happened on the legal team determined the outcome for the client and I wanted to be in the game; I felt that this was my way of helping people in need! Understanding the law is no easy feat for our clients which is why I enjoy investing the time and research in understanding the law and the options that best suit our clients. In addition, I believe that educating my clients to fully understand how their legal work product will affect their life provides priceless value to implementing what has been put in place. It has been a very rewarding career path for me and I look forward to my future in this industry.